True Axis is a game development company based in Australia. Physics engine development is a big part of our experience.

The True Axis Physics SDK is a fast and solid real world physics simulation system designed for demanding games and virtual interactive environments.

  • easy to use C++ interface.
  • box, sphere, cylinder, capped cylinder and polygon mesh collision primitives.
  • fully swept collision detection for fast moving objects.
  • advanced performance optimization of resting objects.
  • vehicle simulation.
  • joint simulation.
  • rag-doll simulation.

  • Downloads
    The last public release of the True Axis Physics SDK was made during November 2006. The source code provide in these downloads is not up-to-date and may not be compatible with the latest compilers.
  • True Axis Physics SDK Demos for Win32. Download.
  • Demos source code. Download.
  • Free For Non-Commercial Use SDK Download.

  • We are still providing these downloads for anybody still using the SDK, or anybody who is curious. However, at this time, no further public releases are planned.

    True Axis technology will be appearing soon in Jet Car Stunts, a jet powered stunt driving game, by True Axis, for mobile and hand held devices.
    Contact info@trueaxis.com or visit the forum.

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