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2014 Novenber 14: Jet Car Stunts 2 finally arrives on Android!
Available on Google Play, and the Amazon App Store for Android.
2014 June 26: New parntership
True Skate becomes the official Street League Skateboarding mobile game.

2014 Jue 25: True Skate on Amazon
True Skate hits the Amazon Android App Store.
2014 Jan 02: Jet Car Stunts 2 out now on iOS!
Get it on the App Store now!
2013 Dec 23: Jet Car Stunts 2 Release Date Anounced.
JCS2 is coming to iOS on January 2nd 2014! Android will follow at a later date.
2013 Dec 19: A long overdue update.
Jet Car Stunts 2 is nearly ready for release, it looks like a complete game now, but there is a lot of content to test. We are still don't have a release date, but if we can't release in 2013, expect it in January 2014. Also, there are 4 new skate parks coming to True Skate. Expect the first in January 2014, then more to follow soon afterwards. We have been keeping people up to date on our facebook page