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Space Tripper | Support: iOS

Space Tripper iOS Support FAQ

Please check below for solutions to common problems with Space Tripper on iPhone, iPod or iPad. If you still have a problem, please email us at and include your device model, iOS version number, and as much detail about your problem as you can including the exact wording of any error messages.

How can I beat the spider like boss on the third level?

Time is important. It may make things easier to first shoot and destroy the weapons on the front of the spider, however, it is not necessary. To destroy the spider, wait for it to open its mouth. Once it opens its mouth, there will be a short time before and after it shoots a red lazer when you can shoot inside. This is the only way to reduce the spiders health and destroy it. You may have to shoot in side its mouth several times.

To avoid running out of time, do not run away from the spider. Hold your ground, and it will stop before it runs into you. Running away will only waste time. If the spider tries to jump on you, jump under and wait close on the other side for it to turn around. If you keep your back against the wall at either end of the level while trying to kill the spider, your bullets may have trouble getting inside the mouth.