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True Surf Android Support

Refund policy

Google Play:
Please check with google for their refund policy. Apps can be automatically refunded up to 2 hour after purchasing, but there are no automatic refunds for In-App Purchases.

Please forward all other refund requests to Googles support team as soon as possible. The following links may help. Go here for refund requests.

The above information was correct at the time of writing, however, google may change it links or refund policies from time to time, so please check with Google for up to date information.

Note, although google does give us the ability to give refunds at our own discretion, our policy is to direct all refund requests to google, and we generally will not give refunds where google has refused without an exceptional reason.

We will be adding more information here based on questions we receive from True Surf users. Meanwhile if you have any questions, please email us at and inlude your device model, iOS version, and as much detail about your problem as you can including the exact wording of any error messages.