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True Skate Requests

We are working hard to continually update and improve True Skate, and have a long list of plans we are working through. True Skate has millions of players, and many of them are very passionate, so we get a lot of requests. Your welcome to tell us what you want to see next, but most people ask for the same things, so, I here is a list of of just some of the things we get asked for, some of them may end up in the game, others may not.

What Users Are Asking Us For

Note: This is NOT a list of current or planned features. We will keep updating True Skate over a long period of time, and some of these features may make it to the game eventually, but for various reasons others will NOT. We also have other features planned, and we have had other requests as well.

  • Make the game work with 2 fingers. (It already works with 2 fingers! but you will have to lift your font finger to ollie)
  • Return to the last played park on a restart.
  • Truck color customization.
  • Branded decks.
  • Deck image placement adjustment.
  • Grabs.
  • Add scoring for Lip Stalls.
  • Add scoring for Manuals.
  • Add scoring for Caspers.
  • Add Primos
  • Add pressure flips and underflips.
  • Night mode.
  • Add well known real world skate spots to game.
  • Add a mega ramp skatepark.
  • Add an empty skatepark.
  • Add giant skatepark.
  • Add a street.
  • Long boards.
  • Wheels, trucks and decks with different physics.
  • Add a transparent rider on the board
  • Real time multiplayer.
  • Voice chat.
  • Graffiti.
  • Breakable skateboards.
  • Skateboard/trucks/wheels wear and tear.
  • S.K.A.T.E.
  • Fakie and Switch trikcs.
  • Video sharing.
  • Make a scooter game.
  • Make a BMX game.
  • Make a surfing game.
  • make a snowboarding game.
  • Please bring True Skate to PC, Mac, Consoles, WP8, Oculus Rift, etc.
  • Make [what I don't want to pay for] free.

With a bit of luck, at least some of these things might make it into coming a True Skate update.